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Sarees in Pakistan before and post partition.

Sarees is the oldest dress for women of Indian subcontinent since 5000 plus years dating back to indus civilisation. It has gone through many innovations and different variations developed for different regions of ancient India cause of ethnic diversities. Since majority of Pakistanis have had Hindu ancestry the sarees have been worn by majority of […]

A much bigger atrocity than Jallianwala Bagh | Sajjad Pirzada

A much bigger atrocity than #Jallianwala_Bagh happened on this day, August 12, 1948 in Pakistan #Babrra_massacre , to those who fought for freedom, only a year after the creation of Pakistan, when Quaid-e-Azam Mr. Jinnah was the Governor-General of Pakistan.   In the tragedy of Jallianwala Bagh on April 13, 1919, 379 people were killed […]

The Idea of Indian Reunification | By Ibrahim Husaini

  Modern day India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are left far behind the world in terms of prosperity. But this was not how we were always. Historically, Indian subcontinent was a prosperous society with people having scientific temperament When most of Europeans and Americans were living in the forests, Indians enjoyed prosperous civilizations like Indus valley, […]

Freedom of Speech and Religion: A comparative analysis

By: Karan Teotia, Aryan Swetabh, Prateek Singh, and Kumar Yuvraj, students at Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA   The split of British India into three autonomous Dominions was known as the Partition of India. The three states have subsequently been reorganized, and the Dominion of India has been known as the Republic of India since 1950, […]


By: Shruti, Mritunjay Joshi, Soumya Rathi, and Tanushree Karnawat, students at Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA Freedom of speech and expression and religion is considered as an important aspect of human rights. Freedom of religion in India is a fundamental right embodied under Article 25-28 of the Indian Constitution, whereas the constitution of Pakistan guarantees freedom […]


By: Anubhuti Bhusari, Naman Jain, Kartikeya Kaul and Anjali Singhvi: Symbiosis Law School, Noida. Introduction: Pre-unification and Post-unification The notion of reunification of India is a strong and a liberal one whose time has come, but it will undoubtedly take a long time to realise. Before partition, the people of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh lived […]