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Indians, I have already pointed out in my previous addresses that we have to undo that historical British swindle called Partition and reunify India, Pakistan and Bangladesh under a modern minded secular government if we wish to give to our people a high standard of living and decent lives.

This new reunified India must have a powerful armed force to defend it against its enemies. It is this matter I will discuss here.

  1. Reunification of India is only possible following a mighty people’s revolution. This is because if we reunite the very purpose of foreign powers to divide us, namely (1) to prevent India from emerging as a modern industrial giant like China, and (2) to keep it as a huge market for the foreign arms industry, will be defeated. So these foreign powers will do their best to prevent us from reunifying, and for this they will use their agents, the governments of India and Pakistan, as well as others, to ensure that India and Pakistan remain hostile to each other, and there is hatred between Hindus and Muslims.

  1. All great revolutions required the people to create a new army. We may consider historical examples:

(A) The British Revolution

Before the English Civil War (1642-1651) there was no professional standing army in England, but only militias of the king and aristocrats.

In the Civil War between King Charles 1 and Parliament, the latter created the New Model Army under Cromwell, and it was only by doing so that the British Revolution succeeded.

(B) The American Revolution (1775-1781)

In the American War of Independence against the British, the American people had to create the Continental Army under George Washington, which alone enabled them to win.

(C) The French Revolution (1789)

Before the revolution France had a small army officered by aristocrats. Soon after the revolution began most of the officers fled from France fearing assassination. To defend France from the invading foreign armies which wanted to restore monarchy in France, the Minister of War, Carnot raised a huge people’s army by his levee en masse, which ensured the defence of France.

(D) The Russian Revolution (1917)

In the First World War the German Army smashed the Imperial Russian army. Hence after the Revolution of 1917 the Bolsheviks had to create a new army, basing it initially on the Red Guards and a section of the old army which had gone over to the new government, and later adding new personnel.

(E) The Chinese Revolution

The Chinese created the Eighth Route Army and the New Fourth Army which used guerilla tactics in fighting the superior Japanese army.

Thus we see that in all great Revolutions the people had to create a new army

  1. To create a first rate armed force requires a high level of industrialisation. That is because modern wars are fought with sophisticated weapons which can only be produced by a highly industrialised country. 

Even 71 years after Independence we are almost totally dependent on purchase of most of our heavy weapons like fighter aircraft, tanks, artillery, ships etc from foreign countries (at heavy cost ). Recently it was reported that India purchased some assault rifles from the American firm Sig Sauer. So we cannot make first rate rifles even 71 years after Independence.

If a war breaks out, our armed forces cannot fight for long, because their supply of weapons and spare parts may be cut off. What kind of an armed force is it whose country cannot produce its own weapons? I regard it as a fake armed force, which can only fight with another fake armed force like that of Pakistan, not a real armed force like that of USA or China, countries which produce their own weapons.

Moreover the weapons sold to us by foreign countries will not be having the latest, leading edge equipment in them, obviously because these are usually developed by the foreign arms manufacturers after spending billions of dollars on research, and they will not be willing to pass on their secret technology to us. For instance, the fighter jets sold to us will be stripped of the latest avionics. So the weapons sold to us will be having outdated technology, not the state of the art one.

  1. The principal rival to united India will be China. I have explained this in detail in my article ‘Trump’s opposition to Chinese Imperialism overshadows his defects’ published in and in my article ‘Trump could keep China in check’ published in

As explained there, the Chinese with their huge over 3 trillion dollars foreign exchange reserves have become like ravenous hungry wolves, imperialists seeking raw materials to capture and markets to plunder. Today they are an expanding, aggressive imperialism, liked the imperialism of Nazi Germany or Japan, and constitute the greatest danger to world peace, as Hitler was. 

To check them we will need a modern, powerful military, and for that we must rapidly industrialise, for only a highly industrialised country can have a powerful armed force. And for that we must have a reunited India, for unless we unite we will be wasting our resources and strength on fighting each other and weakening ourselves.

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